2019 Referral Program





What’s The Catch?


What To Expect From Me

-a free spot at all my seasonal 2019 mini sessions
-free sessions throughout the year of 2019
- $50 discount code for your friends, families and followers


What I Expect From You

-must share 3-5 photos from each session with credit
- must allow me to share photos as well as a blog post
- must refer 7 people

You Have Questions

We Have Answers

What mini sessions are included?
ALL of them! In the past year I’ve done spring, fall, tree farm, holiday, branding and boudoir minis. You will be guaranteed a spot at each one of them if you wish to attend and can make the dates, but it is not mandatory to attend any of them.

What full length sessions are included?
Most full length sessions are included such as couple, engagement, family, lifestyle, maternity, newborn, branding, portrait and boudoir sessions. What I hope to gain from these sessions is a more stylized look than average (because I love your style and creativity). You can book as you please, although I prefer to book 3 months in advance if possible. I know and have complete confidence that you won’t abuse this.

What types of photography are not included?
Events, weddings and real estate photography are not included.

How long is the referral program?
The referral program will be one year in length.

Do I have to share photos?
Yes, you must share a minimum of 3-5 photos from all sessions on social media with appropriate tags and credit.

Will you be sharing my photos?
Yes, you must allow me to share any or all photos from your sessions on social media, also with appropriate tags and credit. I also may be blogging these sessions. If there are certain photos (but not a whole session) that you prefer to not be shared please let me know, I really don’t mind and understand completely.

How do I continue to qualify for the referral program after the year is up?
You must refer a minimum of 7 people within the year, and they must book. Don’t worry, I will keep tabs for you!

How do my friends, families and followers get a discount?
Just tell them to mention that you referred them when they inquire through my website and I will discount them $50 from their session.

Do I have to pay anything?
You don’t have to pay for any of the sessions. The only things you would have to pay for are your outfits, any additional props that I don’t have, and travel out of PEC or Belleville. My travel fee is $120/hour.

Anything additional I should know?
There is zero pressure to be a part of this referral program, and I won’t bother you about it. I’m asking you because I love working with you and my goal is to attract more people just like you (aka your friends, family and followers). You are handpicked, and this isn’t something you can “apply” for so please don’t advise your friends to do so (I know you wouldn’t). I am incredibly excited about this and can’t wait to work with you again! XOXOXO


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