A Radiant Prince Edward County Day For A Glowing Family Of Four


With yet another snow day in Prince Edward County I thought it would be the perfect time to stay cozy indoors and share some love and warmth from the past Summer. One of the best things about being a wedding and lifestyle photographer is that on the odd day that I’m not celebrating a brand new marriage, I get to celebrate an old one! Jess and Brad booked a family session with me to celebrate four whole years of marriage, with a new and super adorable addition, their little man Ben!

We chose the most classic County setting; an old dirt road and a wide open field, a personal favourite. The evening couldn’t have been anymore sunny with bright blue skies and a clear horizon. As a cherry on top to a gorgeous little family and the perfect day, Jess and Brad brought their first baby, Dante, who was such a good boy being off leash and running through the fields! To be honest, he didn’t really stray far or leave their sides.

As I usually recommend when choosing an outfit, Jess dressed herself and her boys perfectly for the location and the session. My best tip is to pick your outfits so that they match the locations colour palette and style, and to of course wear something comfortable (or even better, something that flows in the wind). For herself, she chose a stunning blue midi dress that just touched past her knees with ruffle straps. When she stood in the field holding her beautiful babe I was getting all the Joanna Gaines and Magnolia vibes, which is ironically my inspiration for all family sessions. Brad matched Jess in his classic blue shorts and white polo (you can’t go wrong with this look), while Benny matched them both in his denim blue onesie, which I wish I owned. Dante wore his usual black, brown and white fur coat, going with a super glam look in the hot Prince Edward County weather (fashion, though right? Do you boo). Near the later portion of the session, Jess stepped into an absolutely stunning black maxi with a floral print skirt while Brad changed into a black polo. As you look through the images you can see how much an outfit change can change the entire look of the session and give you more versatility! I highly recommend doing this at your own session, and I love the two different outfits that they chose!

My biggest goal was to capture these four organically and naturally. When they stepped out of their car to meet me for the first time I could tell by how involved and loving they were towards each other that forced smile, posed photos were not their game. To be honest, they’re not my game either. They just wanted to be themselves and love on each other while I 5th wheeled it, which was totally fine by me. My personal favourite part of their session was getting to know so much about them and feeling like I was just one of their friends who got to hangout with them while we went through a walk through some County fields. I’m also so, so, so grateful for their love and acceptance of photography and letting me do my thing. They seemed like such naturals in front of the camera because they trusted me, and I cannot express how appreciative I am of that. Thank you my loves! I am truly grateful that I got to photograph your gorgeous family and look forward to our next meet up!

- Holly xoxo