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Sultry Prince Edward County Beach Babe

Prince Edward County is really known for two main things; it’s wine and it’s beaches. I don’t drink, so the beaches are my fave. There’s nothing like the soft, warm sand beneath bare feet, or the sun kissing every curve. Although, on this particular day the clouds were covering our bodies while the tide rolled in and out.

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Boudoir Giveaway | The Lovely Grace

Last December when Artistry by Jacquie and I hosted our first boudoir marathon, we weren't sure what we were getting into. All we knew was that our friendship had formed off of a girl power bond back in high school, and it seemed like a fun opportunity to work together and empower women who were willing to step out of their shell. Since last December, we have completed around 25 boudoir sessions and it's safe to say we have found a new love.

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