Sultry Prince Edward County Beach Babe

Holly McMurter Photographs | Prince Edward County Beach Boudoir_0001.jpg

Prince Edward County is really known for two main things; it’s wine and it’s beaches. I don’t drink, so the beaches are my fave. There’s nothing like the soft, warm sand beneath bare feet, or the sun kissing every curve. Although, on this particular day the clouds were covering our bodies while the tide rolled in and out.

Last July I announced a giveaway on my Instagram. To enter you had to list three things you were thankful for and post it on your story. It was really beautiful to see everyone who entered sharing an immense amount of positivity and love, and to also see what brought joy into peoples lives. This was also a great way for me to connect with all the optimistic, bright eyed people out there. The winner of the giveaway was just that; bright eyed, sweet, lovely and absolutely gorgeous. I’m so happy that I got to meet her!

Introducing… Bella. Perfect name, right? Beautiful in Italian, beautiful inside and out, beautiful all around! We decided to do a portrait session on the beach, which turned into a little taste of beach boudoir. If you’ve never been part of a beach boudoir session, it’s basically the best thing ever. You get to relax on the beach, look cute and roll around in the water and sand while I take photos of you. We had a good time (and everyone at the beach enjoyed the show while they walked their dog, haha)!

Bella, I’m so happy that you were the one to win this session. You were everything I was looking for and I’m honoured to know such a beautiful soul like yourself! Thank you for participating in the giveaway and being such a rockstar in person!

Holly xoxo

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